Transforming Hearts: Transgender Inclusion at UU Church of Urbana-Champaign


URBANA — The Unitarian Universalist Church of Urbana-Champaign is hosting a online course on transgender inclusion for people in the community.

From UUCUC’s website:

A 6-week online course for UUCUC members and friends.

It is important that we learn more about what it means to be fully inclusive of our transgender, gender fluid and non-binary members, friends and neighbors. Our congregation (along with most congregations) have a long way to go until we fully understand how we put up strong and invisible walls which make it difficult to be a part of our church community. 

I invite you to learn more in an effort to become better.  As each of us learns, we can gather as a more aware and open community.  UUCUC has access to the Transforming Hearts which is a 6-part online series providing beginning education on transgender inclusion.  It is designed to study at your own pace. The leaders, Rev. Mykal O’Neal Slack and Zr. Alex Kapitan, guide your through the course. 

To learn more about the Transforming Hearts Collective, visit:  https://www.transformingheartscollective.org/

Our hope is that several people will engage in this course with a special emphasis and group discussion on the last session.  We encourage you to watch all the sessions knowing that we will gather to discuss the last session specifically. 

If you are interested in being a part of this program, please email Michele Grove at [email protected] and she will send you the access information.  You can participate even if you do not wish to be a part of the group discussion (to be scheduled this summer). 

Thank you for your interest and willingness to stretch your inclusion boundaries!



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