Clock, Inc bringing support groups back


ROCK ISLAND — The Clock, Inc. community center in the Quad Cities announced last week that they would bring support groups back.

The center said on their Facebook page that would make sure to maintain social distancing and asked the community for times.

From the Facebook post:

We need your help determining new meeting times for all of our support groups this summer. If you are interested in participating any of the following groups, please fill out the survey for that group to let us know your availability.

Autism Support Group (Age 16+): https://forms.gle/XTSZ65JyMipDCBeT9

Parents & Allies Group: https://forms.gle/sABds3TRQqFLRpwu5

Coming Out Later in Life Group: https://forms.gle/wmobQZTr79Tj6wxn9

LGBT+ Young Adult Group: https://forms.gle/PGjB2xzettbqaqrL7

Transgender/Nonbinary Group: https://forms.gle/VzsrSkV41JVs38tw5

We will be taking precautions to maintain social distancing for these groups, and the safety of our community is our number one concern. If you’re interested, please fill out the survey sooner rather than later so we can start making plans!



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