Louisville cop shoots news crew with pepper balls during protest


LOUISVILLE — An officer with the Louisville Metro Police department shot pepper balls at a local TV crew while they were broadcasting live on Friday night.

Kaitlin Rust, a reporter with Louisville NBC affiliate WAVE-TV, and her crew were covering the protest in Louisville that was being held for Breonna Taylor, a black woman who was killed by police in her own home when they raided the wrong home.

Rust was talking with anchors in the WAVE studio when she started yelping as she was hit by the pepper balls. The camera continued to film the officer who shot the balls as he primed the paintball gun and aimed directly at the news crew.

“Why are they doing that,” one of the anchors asked Rust.

“I don’t know!” she responded.

“They’re shooting our crew,” said the other anchor, sounding shocked.

Rust had said they had already moved where the police had wanted the crew to go even before the incident. The crew moved further away from the line of officers. Rust said during the protest that she and the cameraman were fine.

This comes the same day that the Minnesota State Patrol arrested a CNN crew as they covered the Minneapolis uprising.



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