White House locks down because of protesters

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Screen cap from of video tweeted out by the CBC

WASHINGTON — The White House went on lockdown as protesters gathered nearby, multiple media reports said.

From NBC News live blog:

The U.S. Secret Service placed The White House on lockdown Friday after growing unrest in Washington and around the country related to the death of George Floyd. 

The Secret Service closed off the White House press room doors as well and members of the media are not being allowed to leave the area. 

Multiple videos of protests have circulated on social media showing protesters calling for justice in the police-involved killing and jostling with law enforcement. One protester was also seen scaling the wall of a federal building to spray paint an obscenity directed at the president. 

“In the interest of public safety we encourage all to remain peaceful,” the Secret Service said in a tweet.

Tweets from reporters on the scene said that protesters were chanting “I can’t breathe.”

Other tweets said there were clashes between protesters and Secret Service, but there was no independent confirmation.



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