COPA says Chicago cop accused of using gay slur should be stripped of powers


CHICAGO — COPA, which is the civilian body overseeing the Chicago Police Department, have called for an officer who used a gay slur at a protester be stripped of his powers.

WGN-TV reported that the Civilian Office of Police Accountability had identified the officer who had been caught on video.

From WGN-TV:

In the video, the officer is walking toward a police van when someone throws a traffic cone and barricade while his back is turned.

The officer then yells the slur and swears at the protesters, who swear back.

Chicago police opened an investigation the following day and issued a statement saying it does not tolerate this kind of behavior.

There’s no decision yet from the police department, but in separate cases, two officers who violently pulled a woman from a car, and another officer who flipped off protesters in Lincoln Park, have been relieved of their police powers.



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