Bolingbrook Pride hosting Show Your Pride – Home Edition


BOLINGBROOK — Bolingbrook Pride will host a Pride home decoration contest on Sunday, June 28.

From the Facebook event page:

CONTESTANTS: Want to show off your pride at home? Help us cover the Bolingbrook / Romeoville area in rainbows and love. This home decor contest is open to any homes in Bolingbrook/Romeoville and sponsored by Bolingbrook Pride. What a great way to showcase your LGBTQIA+ pride, and your creativity!

SPECTATORS: All the fun of a pride parade, from the convenience of your own vehicle! Residential lawns will be decorated with pride decor, music, rainbow treats and more! Wave to friendly folks outside their homes from 12-4pm or drive around any time to check out the decor! 👋🏼

A map with a list of decorated homes will be released on June 27 on both Facebook and on our website. We hope to see you there!

Participants will accept non-perishable food items to be donated to a local food pantry and consent to providing their address so we can all drive by and celebrate together!

Judging will be on 3 categories:
1. Use of Color to show your pride
2. Use of materials – balloons, flags, lights, ribbon, music… you name it.
3. Level of energy and engagement – Are you going to be out there whooping it up, encouraging donations, etc…

There will be judges who will judge each entry based on the 3 criteria above. They will award you up to 20 points per category, and 1 point for each item picked up towards the food drive.

Winner will receive a Plaque and 2 free tickets to the Gayla to be held on September 19th ($110 value).

To sign up simply reserve a ticket and pm us your address or call/email our coordinator Josh King-Slowinski josh@bolingbrookpride.org 708-752-5949.

We can’t wait to see your homes!

You can enter your home on the Facebook event.



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