Zillow adds local LGBTQ protections to listings


CHICAGO — Real estate listing site Zillow started including information about local anti-LGBTQ discrimination protections with listings on Tuesday.

“Zillow believes everyone deserves a safe, affordable home, free of discrimination,” the company said in announcement on their website. “Federal law does not provide those protections. That’s why Zillow is shining a spotlight on towns and cities that have LGBTQ+ protections, and those that don’t. Information on LGBTQ+ housing, employment and public accommodation laws is now available on all Zillow home listings across the nation.”

“It’s 2020, and yet in many parts of the United States, you still can be discriminated against for being LGBTQ+,” says Dawn Lyon, Zillow chief corporate relations officer. “In lieu of federal law, we want to give people the most information possible when buying, renting and financing a home. Putting this information in every single listing shows we stand for equity and fair housing, and gives LGBTQ+ people the clarity they need to make a decision on where to live.”

Zillow said that the information is aggregated and provided by the Movement Advancement Project and is also available on local and state government websites.

In Illinois, there are both local and statewide LGBTQ protections. Illinois added the protections in 2006 and expanded them in 2019.



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