Lake County could fly Pride flag starting Friday

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WAUKEGAN — The Lake County Council is finalizing plans to fly the LGBTQ Pride flag over the county government building starting Friday.

The Daily Herald reported that the county was considering it to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Pride marches.

If the proposal passes, the flag will be displayed through July 3 in Lincoln Plaza on the west side of the county government center.

The newspaper said it would be the first time the Pride flag has been flown over county offices.

“Given the rolling tide of history, we are long overdue in recognizing this,” said financial committee member John Wasik told the Herald.

Despite the council voting unanimously to fly the flag, Republicans on the council said they were worried about the process of voting on the proposal and the lack of a formal policy on flying flags for different groups.

Wasik told the newspaper he’d like to see the county adopt a human rights policy that formally recognizes other groups and historical events, such as Juneteenth.



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