Carbondale police defend deadnaming trans woman arrested on Sunday


CARBONDALE — The Carbondale Police Department put out a press release Tuesday defending the deadnaming of a transgender woman they arrested at a protest over the weekend.

The police department acknowledged the local LGBTQ community objected to the use of Cat Bruefach’s deadname.

According to the department, Bruefach never said she was transgender and provided them with the name that was released to local media outlets.

“Although we are not aware of any other legally registered name, we are certainly willing to include or correct any information which was previously provided, but that personal information would have to be provided by the person arrested,” the release stated.

Tara Bell, the executive director of Carbondale’s Rainbow Cafe LGBT Youth Center, appreciated that the police were willing to talk with the community on Tuesday.

“We appreciate their follow up to see if any other names were provided,” said Bell. “We hope in the future that attention will be paid to sensitivity in asking for pronouns, names and identities in consideration that not all trans folks have been through legal name change processes yet. They agreed to work with us in the future in more trainings surrounding LGBTQ and specifically trans issues.”



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