Peoria Proud adds providers to LGBTQ healthcare directory

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PEORIA — On Wednesday, Peoria Proud announced the first set of affirming healthcare providers to their directory.

The organization launched the Directory of Clinical Care Services (DoCCS) to help LGBTQ residents of central Illinois find supportive providers back in May.

According to Peoria Proud, 56% of LGBTQ individuals report having experienced some form of healthcare discrimination. 51.1% of primary care providers (PCPs) agree that they are competent in providing LGBT@ care. Only 15% of PCPs claim they have received focused training regarding LGBTQ patient care.

DoCCS is a community driven resource that will utilize people’s personal experiences in healthcare to help provide a comprehensive list of LGBTQ affirming providers in the Peoria area. LGBTQ pople may fill out an anonymous survey to report a positive experience you had with a provider in the area. These responses will then be used to assess local providers on their competencies, and create our comprehensive provider list.

The new set of providers is available at Provider submissions can be done through a survey on that same page.



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