Equality Illinois urges voters to Vote Naked


CHICAGO – On Monday, Equality Illinois launched “Vote Naked Illinois,” a campaign to encourage LGBTQ voters to vote-by-mail in the November 2020 election.

In a press release, the organization said that the Vote Naked campaign is a reboot of a popular campaign the group launched in 2010 that reached over 100,000 people and earned national attention.  This year’s campaign launched with a digital video ad created with real videos submitted by a diversity of voters, all adhering to COVID-19 guidelines. The campaign also includes a website, multimedia content, social media outreach, targeted mail, phone calls, and resources for voters to find more information from their local election authorities

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime election for LGBTQ people,” Equality Illinois CEO Brian C. Johnson said in the release.  On a state level, Illinois lawmakers elected in November will determine how quickly Illinois moves to becoming a fully equal and affirming state for LGBTQ people.  A recent signature bill for the organization, the Inclusive Curriculum Law which mandates the teaching of the contributions of LGBTQ people in US history, passed the Illinois House with only bare minimum required in 2018.  In addition, state lawmakers elected in November will decide the boundaries for state and Congressional districts used for the following 10 years. “The LGBTQ community needs an even stronger majority for LGBTQ equality in the General Assembly,” Johnson added.  

“Voting from the safety and privacy of your own home has never been easier in Illinois,” said Director of Communications Myles Brady Davis.  “In a time of great anxiety over COVID, Illinoisans can vote without being in a crowd at a polling station on Election Day. Voting by mail is easy, safe, and secure.”

“We hope every LGBTQ equality voter casts their ballot this November,” Johnson shared. “And we’re grateful for everyone who has bared all to contribute to this effort.” While the Illinois Board of Elections notes that all requests by mail must be received by the Election Authority by 10/29/2020, Equality Illinois strongly encourages voters to request a ballot as soon as possible and return it immediately.



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