Out state rep candidate responds to racist, homophobic comments


Ken Mejia-Beal slammed the terse, one-line apology.

Ken Mejia-Beal
(Photo from campaign Facebook page)

LISLE — Ken Mejia-Beal, the Democrat candidate for the 42nd district, has responded to racist and homophobic comments by his opponent, incumbent State Rep. Amy Grant (R-Wheaton).

Grant came under fire on Monday after recordings of Grant making disparaging comments about Mejia-Beal being Black and gay.

In a statement received by the Eagle, Mejia-Beal slammed Grant’s terse statement apologizing for the comments.

“I am a DuPage County resident. I’m a financial professional. I’m a husband. I’m an advocate for property tax relief, access to health care, and other issues I am passionate about. But in her hurtful, degrading, and wholly unacceptable comments which have now come to light, Representative Grant makes it clear that she sees only the color of my skin and my sexual orientation – and that in her mind disqualifies me as a leader and even disqualifies me as a member of our community.

“Nowhere in Representative Grant’s one-line public response or the phone message she left me reading that same message is any acknowledgement that the statements she made so matter-of-factly on those recordings were also a grievous insult to every member of our community. Where is Representative Grant’s apology to those who hear her comments and wonder if they fit into her vision of our community? Where is the apology to all whose faith calls them to love their neighbors as themselves? Where is her apology to all in our area who are sick of politicians dividing people with their rhetoric? And where is Representative Grant’s commitment to use the time she has remaining in office to finally represent all of our unique community?”

Ken Mejia-Beal

Grant’s comments came to light after state House Democrats released audio clips of her talking with an unidentified person about Mejia-Beal.

1- Grant – Call Recording
2 – Grant – Black Caucus
3 – Grant – LGBTQ

Grant issued a short apology after Capitol Fax reported on the comments.

“I deeply regret the comments I made about Ken Mejia-Beal and reached out to apologize to him this morning,” she said in a statement posted to her campaign Facebook page. “These comments do not reflect my heart or my faith.”

The Illinois Eagle has reached out to the state Republican Party for comment.



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