Northalsted businesses to stop using ‘Boystown’


The Northalsted Business Alliance made the change even though a majority in a survey wanted to keep the name.

CHICAGO — The business association based in Chicago’s LGBTQ neighborhood announced Wednesday that they will no longer use “Boystown” in their marketing.

The Northalsted Business Alliance got community input with a three-month online survey after concerns were brought up this past summer about how the casual name for that part of Lakeview was too gendered and possibly exclusionary.

The association made the change even though, out of 7,890 responses, 58% were in favor of keeping the Boystown name and 80% said did not feel unwelcomed by the name.

In a statement, the Northalsted Business Alliance said it would focus on the area’s geographical location, North Halsted and use “Chicago’s Proudest Neighborhood” as the slogan.

The area received a designation as Boystown by the city of Chicago in 1997, the first time a city had given a neighborhood an official designation as an LGBTQ neighborhood. The NBA’s decision to change its marketing is not a formal change.

The group said the move was to ensure all members of the LGBTQ community felt welcome in the area.



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