St. Louis LGBTQ couples marry ahead of new SCOTUS justice


ST. LOUIS — An LGBTQ organization in the St. Louis area are hosting pop-up weddings for couples ahead of Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation, local media reported Monday.

Fox 2, a St. Louis TV station, reported that Lot’s Wife Trans and Queer Chaplaincy is hosting the weddings because of concerns that Barrett would overturn marriage equality in a future Supreme Court case.

Lot’s Wife Pastor Tori Jameson told the TV station that Coney Barrett has been clear that she wants to roll back marriage equality. So the organization is facilitating weddings at city hall as an act of resistance against those Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

Jameson organized photographers, ministers of all faith, baked goods, and decorations, according to the station.

Lot’s Wife Trans and Queer Chaplaincy is holding weddings or vow renewals outside of city hall from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Thursday. Pastor Jameson told Fox 2 that everyone is welcome.