UP Center looking for new board president


CHAMPAIGN — The Uniting Pride Center of Champaign County is looking for a new board president as they focus on organizational stability.

In an email to the community, the UP Center said it was looking for a dedicated community member to serve in the position. The expectations, according to the email, are:

The board President will provide leadership to and manage Uniting Pride’s board of directors, ensuring that Uniting Pride’s board fulfills its legal and financial obligations and individual board members fulfill their board responsibilities. The President oversees the overall health of the board of directors functioning and of the organization itself. The board President facilitates communication and decision-making within the board. 

Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to

1. Convening and facilitating board meetings.
2. Providing accountability for all board members, including those in board executive roles, regarding attendance, individual giving, and other individual board member commitments.
3. Delegating and ensuring the recruitment and orientation of new board members.
4. Ensuring that the organization’s legal responsibilities are met in a timely manner.
5. Ensuring annual evaluation of the board.
6. Holding staff, the board, and the organization accountable to the Anti-Racist Framework

The center said it wants to transition into a sustainable community organization, so they are growing the executive board, developing standing committees and moving from a working board to a governing board.

Those interested in serving as Uniting Pride’s board President, are invited send a resume and letter of interest to [email protected].



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