Indiana calls on SCOTUS to roll back rights for same-sex couples


INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to allow states to deny same-sex couples equal parenting rights on Monday.

Slate reported that Hill asked at the request of the court, which is considering taking up a case that would let the state do just that. If the court agrees, it could allow states to deny same-sex couple to be seen as parents of their own children.

The news website reported that the case, Box v. Henderson, involves eight married lesbian couples who used sperm donors. Indiana will put the name of the birth mother’s husband on a birth certificate even with a sperm donor, but won’t with a married female couple.

According to Slate, this was addressed by court cases in Florida and Arkansas where courts ruled that states must list a a birth mother’s wife as a parent if it does with a birth mother’s husband, most recently in 2017.

SCOTUS now has a much stronger conservative majority with two of the new justices, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, being seen as much less supportive of LGBTQ rights. Slate reported that if the cases succeeds, LGBTQ parents may be forced to go through stepparent adoption.

You can read Hill’s request here.



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