Down Route 66: Thank God it’s almost over

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

This year has been shit.

It just has been. The coronavirus pandemic is probably the overarching one, but there has been a lot that just sucked this year. Australia and California had record fires. Places in the Gulf and Central America getting hit by hurricanes twice within the same number of weeks. The economy went into freefall. The election. ‘Nuff said.

That doesn’t even get into all the personal stuff we’ve all had this year. This year was shit.

But we’re almost through. Just a week and a half to go. Knock on wood we don’t get another encore of the murder hornets, but this year from hell is almost gone.

Back in 2001, toward the end of the year, NPR commissioned a new year’s song. 2001 was a pretty bad year, with 9/11 and everything. So when that year ended, people were pretty happy it was ending. So public radio talked with the band Jim’s Big Ego. The band came up with this song:

Even though it’s now almost 20 years old, the song is still relevant. Perhaps more relevant than when it was written.

So no sage wisdom about the past year or about lessons learned. At this point, it’s just relief. Hunker down with your immediate loved ones (no big gatherings!) and hope we don’t get Dec. 32.