New report says 40% of Trump judicial appointees anti-LGBTQ


WASHINGTON — A report released Tuesday by Lambda Legal stated that nearly 40% of Trump’s confirmed federal appellate judges have demonstrated anti-LGBTQ bias.

Among the findings:

  • Nearly 40 percent of the federal judges that Trump has appointed to the courts of appeals have a demonstrated history of hostility towards the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Nearly 85 percent of all of Trump’s circuit court nominees were white and 80 percent were men, while none of his circuit court nominees were Black.  
  • Almost one-third of the circuit court judgeships are now Trump judges (54 out of 179). 
  • 85 percent of Trump’s circuit court nominees are or have been affiliated with the Federalist Society, a conservative legal advocacy group.  
  • The Trump Administration has outpaced the last five administrations in number of appellate judges confirmed, The Trump administration has confirmed fifty-four circuit court judges in four years, just one less than the Obama administration had confirmed in eight years. This is nearly double the number of circuit court judges confirmed during the first term of Presidents Obama (30) and Clinton (30), and over 50 percent higher than the number of appellate court confirmations during the first terms of Presidents Reagan (33) and George W. Bush (35).  

“While Donald Trump’s presidency may be coming to end, his devastating impact on our federal courts will take decades to reverse,” said Kevin Jennings, CEO at Lambda Legal, in a press release. “When the basic human rights of LGBTQ+ Americans are so often challenged in court, we cannot accept a judiciary stacked with judges who would disenfranchise these vulnerable groups. This report should serve as a call to action for the incoming Biden Administration.”

The full report, “Courts, Confirmations, & Consequences: How Trump Restructured the Federal Judiciary and Ushered in a Climate of Unprecedented Hostility toward LGBTQ+ People and Civil Rights,” can be found on Lambda Legal’s website here.



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