Chicago trans woman second in the past month to be killed


Chicago police misgender Davarea Alexander when asked about the crime.

CHICAGO — Davarea Alexander, 28, was killed early Wednesday morning, the second transgender woman to be killed in Chicago inside of a month.

Alexander, who also went by Tyianna, was one of two people shot in the 800 Block of W. 75th St. at around 4:58 a.m. on Wednesday.

When asked specifically about Alexander, the Chicago Police Department said two men were shot, with one pronounced at the scene and the other dying at the hospital. When told that Alexander was a transgender woman, the spokesperson repeated that the victim pronounced at the scene was a 28-year-old man and stated that they do not release victims’ identities.

The investigation is ongoing.

Brave Space Alliance gave this statement about Alexander:

“Within the last month, Chicago has lost two Black trans women to transphobic violence. Courtney Eshay Key and Davarea Alexander were murdered in our city, and now, once again, we must mourn as a community. All Black trans lives matter, and yet we are increasingly faced with systems and individuals who speak those words, but do nothing to prove their commitment to Black and trans liberation. Our community members are being murdered because our lives are devalued, our power is feared, and our truth is revolutionary. Brave Space Alliance’s Funeral Fund will be assisting with the costs of giving Davarea the burial that she deserves, just as we helped Eshay’s family, and just as we will be here for the families of every member of our community lost to transphobic violence. We love our community, and we will never be silent in the face of the loss of yet another one of our sisters.”

People can donate to the Funeral Fund here: https://actionnetwork.org/fundraising/trans-relief-fund.



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