BloNo DSA calls for local Republicans to step down

From Facebook

BLOOMINGTON — The Bloomington-Normal Democratic Socialists of America are calling for McLean County Republicans to step down from their positions after the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol this week.

In a statement released on Friday, the group said that the local GOP leaders have helped spread “lies, hate and violence.”

The DSA highlighted McLean County Republican Chair Connie Beard, who as recently as New Year’s Eve, was calling Trump the “real winner” of the 2020 election. In a letter to the editor sent to the local daily, she stated there were “statistical anomalies” and fraud which mean the real winner was Trump.

“Certainly, we here in Illinois have lived with examples of dishonest elections in Chicago even before the days of Mayor Daley,” said Beard, according to WEEK-TV. “So why would it be any surprise that similar election practices are found in the cities in question?”

DSA wants Beard to step down as chair and for the county party to issue a public statement condemning this week’s violence and calling on its supporters to accept the election of Joe Biden. While the party has condemned the violence on social media, they have not recognized Biden as the winner.

They also took aim at David Paul Blumenshine, a candidate for the Normal Town Council who also helped organize a bus to the rally that turned into a riot. The DSA is calling for him to drop out of the race and for the town council to look into his role in the violence in DC.

There has been no confirmation that people from the Bloomington/Normal area took part in the storming of the Capitol. In a post on his own Facebook page, Blumenshine called the demand “Orwellian.”

“Let me be clear, this is not just a demand for resignation of candidacy for a public office,” he wrote. “It’s a direct assault on the first amendment.” Comments on the post, however, blasted him for supporting the false claim of election fraud.

Their last target was radio station Cities 92.9, which promoted Blumenshine’s bus to Washington as a media sponsor. They’ve asked for local businesses to pull their advertising from the conservative talk radio station.