Iowa GOP release bill that would limit discussion on gender identity in school


On Tuesday, some Republican Iowa State Senators released SF 167, a bill which would ban educators from any discussion of gender identity in some situations and require express written (opt-in) permission in others.

LGBGTQ rights group One Iowa said that there are no other topics specifically prohibited from discussion in current Iowa educational standards. Further, human growth and development instruction is opt-out rather than opt-in.

“This bill misunderstands the concept of gender identity and treats it as if it is somehow so dangerous that it needs to be expressly forbidden in Iowa education standards,” One Iowa Action Executive Director Courtney Reyes said in a press release. “Everyone has a gender identity, not just trasngender people. This would put educators in the bizarre situation of not being able to mention that George Washington is a man or that Harriet Tubman is a woman. There are age appropriate ways to talk about most concepts, and gender identity is no exception.”



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