SNL Season 46 Skillfully Utilizes LGBT+ Comedy

Dan Levy in "It Gets Better" Skit from Season 46, Episode 11

Recently watching SNL, I have noticed a common theme: LGBT+ characters in SNL skits. Now before you get worried, although in earlier seasons this was not the case, the recent skits did not use being LGBT+ as the punchline. They simply utilized LGBT+ comedy, with a skit about female “friends” and a skit about the campaign to support LGBT+ youth, “It Gets Better.” Of course, this can be attributed to SNL’s LGBT+ cast members, writers, and hosts.

SNL “It Get’s Better” Skit (Dan Levy, Kate Mckinnon, Bowan Yang and Punkie Johnson).

This past Saturday, openly gay, actor, producer, and singer-songwriter, Dan Levy (seen in Schitt’s Creek and The Happiest Season) was the host. He was featured in the, “It Gets Better”, skit but now LGBT+ people have to deal with problems that previously only cishet people had access to, like struggling with your child’s pet iguana, or being bullied about your music taste, rather than about your sexuality.

The skit also starred SNL’s LGBT+ cast members, Kate McKinnon (my personal favorite although I may be biased by her attractiveness), Bowen Yang, and Punkie Johnson. Kate McKinnon was also in a skit called “Supermarket Sweep” last week, in which she has a very close “friend” and “roommate”, played by Aidy Bryant, who is her partner contestent on a 90’s game show.

Aidy Bryant and Kate Mckinnon in “Supermarket Sweep”.

Kate McKinnon also started the episode off by playing herself in a skit called, “What Still Works?” in which Jack Dorsey (president of Twitter) played by Mikey Day, asked her if his chin beard is working and she retorts that, “It’s working in terms of keeping me a lesbian.” However, John Krasinski, from the The Office, hosted that episode, and in a moment that felt a bit like queerbaiting, he kissed in Pete Davidson (who was pretending to be Pam from The Office). Still, I believe the SNL is skillful at utilzing LGBT+ humour and I’d recommend giving the ongoing Season 46 a watch.

Also, in honor of the Superbowl this past weekend, check out the skit “Totino’s with Kristen Stewart” from the bisexual actress’s time hosting the show. If you’re anything like me, it will make your appreciation of Game Day much better.