Rep. Mary Miller done got ratioed for this objectively terrible tweet


By Patrick Singer

Has anyone checked in on IL-15 Rep. Mary Miller today? I wonder how she is feeling after this exchange on Twitter yesterday with someone who is objectively better at Twitter than she is, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Rep. Miller decided that she was going to chime in on the blame game Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and his fellow Republicans were putting out there for why Texas is in such bad shape right now. All of this follows the winter storm that has left millions without power and water for days.

Following this AOC tweet about the New Green Deal (which hasn’t even been written into any law anywhere, mind you), Rep. Miller got absolutely crushed for her retweet, which is just… incredibly bad and as AOC rightfully points out, not at all clever.

Mary, you just got ratioed, and which is a pretty good look on you. As I type this SPlog, the ratio is getting even worse, so the embedded tweet will be the most up to date by comparison to the screenshot above, and it will likely continue to get more skewed as time goes on.

Also, I must point out the two periods used at the end of her tweet. Why? One period, okay, end of sentence, makes sense. Three periods makes an ellipses. But two? I can’t handle this.

Oh, and we still think you should resign.

This article originally ran on Smile Politely in Champaign. Reprinted with permission.



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