APA affirms gender identity with resolution


The American Psychological Association this week pass a resolution that affirms gender identity and rejects attempts to change a person’s true gender identity.

“Some transgender and gender nonbinary individuals seek gender-affirming medical care (e.g., hormone therapy, surgery) while others do not. Similarly, some transgender and gender nonbinary individuals seek to change their gender marker and/or their name on legal documents, while others do not. In this resolution, we strive to be inclusive of all gender diversity regardless of a person’s pursuance of social, medical, or legal transition,” the APA said.

The association also acknowledged psychiatry and psychology’s roles in pathologizing nonbinary and transgender people.

The APA stated that it opposes gender identity change efforts (GICE) because of the harm to people and opposes the idea that being trans or nonbinary equates mental illness.

“There is no question that denying a person’s gender identity is wrong. It’s detrimental to their mental health, their physical health, and their overall sense of self worth—and this includes young people,” said Alphonso David, Human Rights Campaign president. “The consensus from the American Psychological Association further reinforces that we must rely on transgender people and their healthcare providers to determine treatment for gender affirming care in accordance with current medical best practices—this is not the place for politicians. It is incredibly dangerous when strangers can legislate personal healthcare decisions.”

Read the full resolution here.



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