Updating gender on birth certificate would be easier with Illinois bill


A bill introduced in the Illinois House of Representatives would allow transgender and intersex people to update the gender on their birth certificate without having to prove medical transition.

The bill, House Bill 9, would require that the State Registrar of Vital Records must establish a new birth certificate of birth when he receives a statement signed by a person making the request for the purpose of affirming the person’s gender identity or intersex condition and that the sex designation on the person’s certificate should be changed. The statement would need to indicate whether the certificate should be changed to a male, female, or the gender-neutral X. It would also waive the fee for updating the certificate for people leaving incarceration or a domestic violence situation.

The bill was introduced Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz (D-Glenview) in January and was passed by the House Human Services Committee last week.

“There are so many unnecessary barriers restricting people from changing their gender markers,” said OJ Duncon, board chair of Carbondale’s Rainbow Cafe LGBTQ Youth Center. “This removes the requirement of a note from a healthcare provider to change a gender markers. This is an unnecessary step, and can be an embarrassing situation for trans people, especially those who aren’t medically transitioning. House Bill 9 puts the requirements more in lines with what it takes to get a state ID or a driver’s license. “

“HB9 eases the process for people to formally align their vital records with their authentic gender identity,” said Dave Bentlin of Bloomington’s Prairie Pride Coalition. “It is yet another step toward full equity for the state’s transgender population. “



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