Billboard in Effingham calls out U.S. Rep. Miller for Hitler comment


An Illinois Democratic group has rented a billboard in Effingham reminding drivers of comments U.S. Rep. Mary Miller (R-Oakland) made back on Jan. 5.

During her speech at a pro-Trump rally, Miller said “Hitler was right on one thing. He said ‘Whoever has the youth has the future.’” Twitter video of her making the statement went viral and received wide condemnation, including calls for the freshman representative to resign. She apologized for the comment three days later, but also saying her words had been “twisted.”

The billboard, paid for by the Illinois Democratic County Chairs Association (IDCCA), is proof it’s still front and center.

“Words matter, particularly from those who hold elected office,” said IDCCA President Kristina Zahorik in a statement. “And when Mary Miller tried to excuse her comments about Adolf Hitler by accusing others of attempting to ‘twist her words’ the IDCCA knew she needed to be held accountable for her finger-pointing defense.”

Zahorik said that she hopes the votes in the district, which covers a wide swath of Illinois from Rantoul in east-central Illinois to Metropolis at the southern tip, remembers the comments and hold her accountable.

Miller also co-sponsored an anti-transgender bill as a response to the Equality Act in February.



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