EIU Pride reaches agreement with school on new LGBTQ campus community


The student LGBTQ group at Eastern Illinois University (EIU) has reached an agreement with the school on the name for the LGBTQ on-campus community coming in the fall term.

The Daily Eastern News reported that EIU Pride’s agreement with the administration comes after weeks of debate. The new learning community will be called the Doug DiBianco Community. According to the newspaper, DiBianco taught at EIU for 32 years but also founded the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Allies Union that became EIU Pride.

The EIU housing page describes the gender-inclusive community with this:

The Doug DiBianco Learning Community is an inclusive community designed to create a comfortable and supportive environment for all students of all gender and sexual identities. Community members have the opportunity to connect with role models and allies at EIU. The community also has a partnership with the Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity. You can request to live in this community by selecting "Gender Inclusive Housing" in your Room and Board Contract, and approval is granted through the GSD Center.  View more information at eiu.edu/lgbtqa/gender_inclusiv_housing.php.  For 2021-22, the Gender Inclusive Housing is located on a residential floor in McKinney Hall.

Sam Hennegan, president of EIU Pride, told the administration that it was important the community be named after DiBianco because of the support he gave to LGBTQ students at a time it wasn’t common.

The News reported that the community is mostly open for LGBTQ people but allies of the community are also welcome to live there.



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