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Anthology commemorating Pulse shooting now accepting submissions

NewsStatewideAnthology commemorating Pulse shooting now accepting submissions

A new anthology commemorating the Pulse massacre, titled “Reflections of Pulse,” is accepting submissions.

Kimi Floyd Reisch, Doctor of Ministry student at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, said that their Doctor of Ministry project is narrative, collecting and sharing the stories of LGBTQ people of faith from around the country and that this is the first of several anthologies.

“Like many in our community, Pulse was the beginning of a shift.” Reisch said. “Marriage equality began in 2015, Trump was elected in 2016, and each of those had a major impact. Sharing our stories, our resiliency, is one way to heal in community.” They want to invite LGBTQ people to own their faith, especially as anti-transgender bills are filed across the country, usually with religious freedom as the reason.

Otherwise Christian will publish the anthology and it will be sold through Amazon, at events or through direct order. Otherwise Christian has published other books for LGBTQ, including “OtherWise Christian: A Guidebook for Transgender Liberation.”

There currently are no sponsors or donations for the anthology. “I am offering a small fee for accepted submissions and am providing free copies of the book,” Resich said. “This allows me to keep the cost much lower than traditional publishing. However, if any organizations or individuals would like to sponsor the work, we would be happy to send two signed copies of the book with gratitude.” They can be contacted by email if people want to find out how to support the anthology.

Submissions can be in Spanish or English. They also want people to define faith beyond just religion. “I also invite people to define faith according to their own context,” they said. “Some of the most faithful people I know are staunch atheists. Faith can just mean something that is believed with strong conviction.”‘

Contributors will get two copies of the anthology and get paid up to $25 if the submission is accepted. The submissions can be up to 7,500 words and can be in any form (poem, essay, reflection, or story) and must use inclusive language. The deadline is June 15 for expected publication on Oct. 11, 2021.

Reisch said that LGBTQ people have lived on every continent and every nation throughout history. But, as with other marginalized groups, that history has been lost. Anthologies like this one are a way to start preserving those voices.

There’s also a more personal reason they are creating the anthology.

“I would love people to know that this volume was motivated in part by my friend, the Rev. Linda “Lynn” Young,” Reisch said. “Lynn was an incredible two-spirit person and an artist. Lynn caught Covid last October and we lost zem a few weeks later. Lynn’s death made me even more committed to telling these stories, because Lynn’s voice and wisdom should have been preserved in posterity, and I was too slow and lost that chance.”

If interested in submitting a piece or offering financial support, contact Reisch at [email protected].



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