Family calls for Quincy bar owner lose license over attack on student

Protesters gather in Quincy's Washington Park during the #JusticeForJazz protest on April 17. (Photo by Emiliano Vera)

The family of Jazzpher Evans is calling for the owner of The Barn to lose his liquor license over an alleged attack a earlier in the month.

The call comes after two protests over the attack, which family and friends say was racially motivated.

On Sunday, April 4, Evans was attacked at a bar off the university’s campus. According to Evans’ aunt, Sharron Evans, and local media, the student was slammed against a wall at The Barn and put into a choke hold. After the teen went unconscious, the bar owner allegedly drag her out and left her on the pavement. Evans’ said her niece’s friend, who is white, was left alone as Jazzpher was attacked.

In a letter to the Quincy City Council that was also sent to activists and media, Sharron Evans said that the bar needed to be shut down.

From the letter:

Hello Quincy City Council,

My name is Sharron Evans and I am the aunt of Jazzpher Evans... the QU student violently attacked by your resident, Steve Homan... owner of The Barn.  It is my understanding that The Barn's liquor license is being investigated. Is this true?  Regardless, my family and I have not seen any further information about this.  Obviously, this man is a problem, as well as his establishment.  In addition to this place being a place filled with racism and hate, they are obviously admitting and patrons below the legal drinking age.  What do you plan to do about it?  The establishment needs to be shut down and liquor licenses revoked. But, there appears to be some hesitancy or delay in this process.  I will also send this email to Mayor Moore as I understand he has oversight of liquor licenses. 

I would hope that you will read my email at the City Council meeting on Monday as this should be on the agenda. Also, I am available for a phone call, virtual meeting, and/or response via text message. I think Jazzpher, my family, and the city of Quincy deserves some answers.

According to the Quincy Herald-Whig, about 150 people attended the April 17 protest.

The newspaper said that groups represented at the protest included the Racial Justice Coalition, the Quincy Human Rights Commission, Quincy University, the ACLU, Indivisible Adams County, Will County Black Lives Matter, the Community Task Force and Peoples Revolution from Milwaukee, and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

The Herald-Whig reported that Steve Homan, the owner of the Barn, has been charged with one count of aggravated battery. He has a court appearance on May 5.