Trans kids (and everyone): don’t listen to Caitlyn Jenner, misinformed fallen hero

Aime Wichtendahl (Photo courtesy of The RealMainstream)

By Aime Wichtendahl

That collective groan you heard recently? It was the transgender community nationwide learning Caitlyn Jenner launched her bid for Governor of California.

That whistling kettle-like sound you also heard? It was our collective anger boiling over when she said this weekend, “It’s a question of fairness, that why I propose that biological boys that are trans competing in girls’ sports in school…it just isn’t fair, and we have to protect girls’ sports in our schools.”

When a reporter asked Jenner if her views de-legitimized trans girls’ identities, she ran away. You can see the whole exchange right here.

Never mind that the laws Jenner professes to support stigmatize an already vulnerable population. Never mind that supporters of these laws can’t produce concrete examples of trans girls unfairly outcompeting or disadvantaging cisgender girls.

Never mind that these laws will likely result in harassment of cis’ girl athletes, potentially forcing them to undergo invasive genital examinations to play sports. Never mind that the International Olympic Committee and the NCAA already have regulations to address the hormonal issue of trans women in sports. 

No. Facts are inconvenient in the world of GOP politics, where Caitlyn Jenner lives. In that world, and in Caitlyn’s world, it’s all about Caitlyn.

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Author Aime Wichtendahl is a Hiawatha City Council Member, and Iowa’s first-ever openly transgender female elected official. She is also a parent and has published a science fiction novel, “The Butterfly and the Flame,” under the pen name Dana De Young.