Township clerk in McHenry County comes out as transgender


The McHenry Township clerk in McHenry County came out last week as transgender.

According to the Daily Herald, Danielle Aylward won re-election to office last month. The newspaper said that she had been out to family and friends for a while but came out to the larger community on social media last week.

With her post, she became McHenry County’s first out trans officeholder and one of four out trans officeholders in Illinois.

The Herald reported that Aylward is a Republican and even had a Trump flag in her backyard along the Fox River. She did admit to the newspaper that the GOP doesn’t have the best track record with the LGBTQ community but that it has gotten more tolerate of the community recently. Aylward’s daughter, Jessica Franklin, who is married to a woman, agreed.

“I’m pretty much a Republican. I think there are a lot of people within the Republican Party that do support the LGBTQ community. They just are silent. And they feel like they won’t get the support,” Franklin told the Herald. “Sometimes, people are scared to stand up. I am pleasantly always an optimistic individual. I feel like in 2021, we can get away from the idea you can’t support the LGBTQ community and be a Republican.”

The other out trans elected officials are Cook County Judge Jill Rose Quinn, Avon Township Trustee Kristal Larson, and Decatur School Board Member Alana Banks. Quinn was elected to office in November 2020 and Larson and Banks won their seats last month.



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