Dixon to have first Pride event with June LGBTQ rally


The city of Dixon will have its first, albeit unofficial, Pride event on Saturday, June 26, with a LGBTQIA+ rally on the city’s riverfront.

Kisle Hinrichs, one of the organizers, said the original plan had been to have an official Pride event on June 28, but delays with the city prevented it from being ready in time. So Hinrichs and other people in the town decided to gather for an unofficial event.

“They stated they didn’t have enough time to go through the bureaucracy and the permissions this year to authorize such an event at this time,” Hinrichs said. “We could only hope that was the case and not just an excuse.”

Since the event is being done on such short notice (most Pride events are usually planned for months in advance), there isn’t a set list of events or speakers. “I know it’s something we would love to have and we may get before the 26th comes around, but as it stands at this exact moment, no events or speakers have been planned yet,” Hinrichs said. However, they said, those plans are subject to change as the date gets closer.

So far, local reaction to the rally has been good. “I don’t think the haters have quite figured out what we are doing just yet, and I suspect that wont last long,” Hinrichs said. “This event is going to help test the waters for next year’s possible official Pride event to see how the community will react to this sort of event taking place, and also to see how those attending such an event will treat the city itself. We don’t want to destroy things or make a mess, we just want to be seen.”

The rally is on Saturday, June 26, from 12 to 2 p.m. It is free and open to the public.



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