U.S. Rep. Miller shares transphobic story on social media

U.S. Rep. Marry Miller (R-Oakland)

U.S. Rep. Mary Miller (R-Oakland) shared a transphobic story on her office’s Facebook page on Monday.

The freshman congresswoman, who has shared a lot of far-right opinions and links on social media, shared a link from the Daily Wire, a conservative news site with its own transphobic history.

The article is about a Connecticut lawsuit by three high school athletes saying that allowing transgender students to compete as their gender was “demoralizing” to them. One of the students, Chelsea Mitchell, said she had lost repeatedly to trans people. She also kept referring to trans athletes as “he.”

According to an article from Scientific American, trans girls do not actually have an advantage, as hormone blockers remove most advantages. Plus, the article points out that Mitchell had actually beat a trans athlete in a state championship just two days after filing the lawsuit.

The post was made as many other states are passing bills either banning trans athletes from competing as their gender or preventing any medical care for trans youth.

Chase Norris, executive director of Rock Island’s Clock, Inc., said being transgender was hard enough without the attitudes like those in the story.

“Coming out as transgender and going through the transition process is hard enough, but then to be told that you are not allowed to participate in sporting events because of something that is out of one’s control is discrimination,” he said. “Both MTF and FTM transgender individuals want to be accepted and treated like everyone else, so they should be allowed to participate if that includes participating in sports.”

Miller’s office had not responded on the record before press time.