KYLP, Born Perfect file complaint over therapist using conversion therapy

Kentucky State Capitol Photo via Good Free Photos

The Kentucky Youth Law Project, Inc. (KYLP), and Born Perfect, a project of the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR), filed a complaint with the Kentucky Board of Social Work against Joseph A. Williams, a licensed clinical social worker based in Mayfield, Kentucky.

The complaint, filed on Tuesday, June 1, on behalf of Curtis Galloway, alleges that Williams subjected Galloway to the conversion therapy when Galloway was a minor, causing himto experience serious and lasting harm.

The complaint also alleges that Williams falsely informed Galloway’s parents that being gay is a disorder and can be changed through counseling services, which Williams offered and subsequently provided. It calls for Williams to be investigated and disciplined by the Kentucky Board of Social Work.

“Born Perfect is proud to file this complaint in support of Curtis Galloway so that his former therapist will no longer be able to prey on vulnerable youth and their families,” said Born Perfect co-founder Mathew Shurka. “Conversion therapy is reckless and harmful and licensed clinicians who engage in it must be held accountable for the damage they cause.”

“I am filing this complaint to hold Mr. Williams accountable and to ensure that no other person experiences the guilt and shame that people like him inflict on their patients,” said Curtis Galloway.

“LGBTQ kids should be supported by the adults in their lives—not pathologized and subjected to dangerous, fake therapy. KYLP stands with Curtis and with all conversion therapy survivors,” said Keith D. Elston, Kentucky Youth Law Project Legal Director.

Every major medical association has said conversion therapy does not work and is in fact harmful.

Illinois banned the practice in 2015. Kentucky’s largest city, Louisville, banned it in 2020.