Equality Illinois welcome trans-affirming election bill

Illinois State Capitol in Springfield. (Photo via Good Free Photos)

Civil rights organization Equality Illinois applauded the passage of Senate Bill 825, an omnibus bill making many small but important changes to state election law.

One of the provisions in the bill would let transgender use their current name when running for office. Previously, candidates would have to use both their current legal name as well as their previous legal name.

“With SB 825, trans Illinoisans can lend their talents to public service and run for office without having to publish their deadnames on the ballot,” said Equality Illinois CEO Brian C. Johnson. “We thank House Speaker Emanuel “Chris” Welch, Senate President Don Harmon, Rep. Maurice A. West II, Rep. Kelly M. Burke, and Rep. Daniel Didech for removing this barrier for trans Illinoisans who pursue public service.”

The provision, which also includes a name change exemption for those in a civil union, join the existing exemptions for name changes because of marriage, divorce, or adoption.

The bill would also change some government titles, such as “alderman” or “congresswoman” to a gender-neutral term, such as “alderperson” or “congressperson.”

The bill also moves primary elections from March to June. SB 825 passed both houses on May 31 and now head to the governor to be signed.