Gallup: 51% of people say gender transition is wrong


A Gallup poll released on Friday, June 11, found that 51% of Americans find gender transition, what Gallup referred to as gender change, is morally wrong.

The poll also found 46% of Americans found it acceptable.

According to Gallup, there were large differences between demographics. Women are more likely than men to view switching genders as morally acceptable, as are younger adults more likely than older adults. The large majority of those who identify as politically liberal (78%) think being transgender is acceptable from a moral standpoint, and they are more than three times as likely as political conservatives (23%) to say as much.

Gallup said this was the first year that gender was a question for the organization’s social issues poll. The poll was conducted in early May 2021.

Gallup said that perceptions of some issues did reach historic highs. The percentages who say three of the issues — abortion, divorce and gay or lesbian relations — are morally acceptable are the highest recorded by Gallup, all by two percentage points.



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