JJ’s Clubhouse in St. Louis closing it’s doors


JJ’s Clubhouse, a popular LGBTQ bar in St. Louis, announced Sunday that it would be closing its doors. Their last day is Thursday, June 17.

In a Facebook post about the announcement, the owners said the building holding JJ’s had been sold. The bar had been open for 21 years.

JJ’s has been especially prominent as a gathering place for the area’s bear and leather communities. It has been the home bar for the Show Me Bears, Blue Max CC Leather and Gateway MC. It has also hosted many contests over the years.

“To all the bears, leather brothers and sisters and the LGBTQ community of St. Louis and the surrounding areas, thanks for making us one of of top 5 bear bars in the world, as well as Pantheon Awards and others that we were lucky to receive along the way,” the owners said in the post. “We will cherish them forever. It has been a fun and interesting ride; a lot of ups and downs from our wedding with family and friends to Pride floods and a pandemic.”

A more formal farewell letter will be sent out later.

The bar is having a Last Call party on Thursday. It’s open to all and will be going from 4 to 10 p.m.