‘Those People’ queers the love triangle

Charlie (Johnathan Gordan) and Sebastion (Jason Ralph)

To celebrate pride month with my friends, I watched Those People. The major draw was Jason Ralph from tv show The Magicians who plays Sebastion Blackworth, the best friend of protagonist Charlie, played by Johnathan Gordon. Charlie has been in love with Sebastion since at least sixth grade. Sebastion’s father is a criminal, who is guilty of a white collar crime that is never fully detailed in the film. Charlie and Sebastion are part of Manhatten’s elite, with other ivy league friends. After all, Charlie can afford to pursue a masters in painting. Still, they are sympathetic with their daddy issues and young adult disillusionment.

At first, it seems that Charlie and Sebastion are destined to be in a toxic romantic relationship. Toxic, because Charlie is pining after Sebastion far more than the player Sebastion seems to pine after him. They have also formed a sort of codependency. But then Charlie meets a pianist named Tim, and a different sort of love story is formed. Tim is loving and caring towards Charlie in a way that Sebastion is not. But Charlie is still in love with Sebastion anyway. This love triangle really had me torn because Tim and Charlie’s relationship is so much healthier than Charlie and Sebastion’s. However, the passion of Charlie and Sebastion’s friendship is lacking in Charlie and Tim’s relationship. It also made the love triangle seem fresh and new in that I had never seen a love triangle between three men before. I don’t want to spoil the ending, but I am happy to say that it was not what I expected. I’d recommend Those People if you are looking for an LGBTQ+ drama to watch.