U.S. Rep. Greene attacks fellow rep’s trans daughter at Southern Illinois fundraiser

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Mary Miller at Miller's Effingham fundraiser on Thursday, July 8. (Screen capture)

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) took another shot at the transgender daughter of fellow representative Marie Newman (D-La Grange) at a Southern Illinois fundraiser on Thursday, July 8.

Greene, who got into a feud earlier this year with Newman about the Equality Act and Newman’s daughter, made the comments at a fundraiser for Mary Miller (R-Oakland) in Effingham. Miller has also been under fire for transphobic comments of her own and for a speech on Jan. 6 just before the Capitol riot where she said “Hitler was right about one thing.” Both of them voted for an anti-trans bill in response to the Equality Act.

“Her so-called daughter is a trans, biological adult son, approximately close to the same age as my two, very much biological real girls – daughters,” Greene said according to Illinois Newsroom. “I call her Marie Newperson. ‘Cause she doesn’t believe in gender! I don’t want to offend her, so I changed her name from Newman to Newperson…She is very confused. As a matter of fact, so is her son.”

The radio station said the comment got laughs from the crowd of 400 at the fundraiser.

Greene told the crowd “I’m so thankful for her, and I love having Mary Miller as a friend.”

Illinois Newsroom reported that while Miller didn’t make any transphobic comments, she did spend more time calling Chicago a “war zone” than she did about her congressional district covering half of Southern Illinois.