Court orders B&B to be handed over to gay couple it discriminated

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A bed and breakfast that was sued for discriminating against a gay couple has been handed over to that couple to pay the judgement

WCIA, a CBS affiliate in Champaign, reported that Walder Vacuflo, Inc. was instructed in a court order on Monday to turn over the TimberCreek Bed and Breakfast to Todd and Mark Wathen within 14 days for sale. The Wathens can sell the property with the money going to the outstanding judgment balance of $81,218.

This started in 2011 when the couple tried to book the property for their civil union (Illinois didn’t recognize marriage equality until 2014). The business refused because they were gay and even gave unsolicited advice. According to the TV station, the couple contacted the ACLU and sued. In 2015, Illinois Human Rights Commission ordered Walder Vacuflo, Inc. to pay a judgment of $81,218.

“My client’s right to practice his faith was severely violated, and we will continue to fight this every step of the way,” Craddock said Tuesday in an email to WCIA.

Ed Yohnka, communications director for the ACLU of Illinois, told the station that the property sale could have been avoided years ago. He also said that if the company pays the balance, TimberCreek wouldn’t have to be sold at all.

“Violating someone’s rights in Illinois has to have consequences,” he said. “What the owner has attempted to do is engage in activities that violated the rights of the Wathens.”

LGBTQ are protected under the Illinois Human Rights Act.