Gov. Pritzker announces re-election bid


Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker announced on Monday that he would run for re-election in 2022.

Pritzker made the announcement with a video on his personal Twitter account:

Pritzker was elected in 2018, defeating the unpopular Bruce Rauner. Pritzker is also one of the richest governors in the country, with a personal fortune worth over $3 billion.

Pritzker has also been reliably progressive in office, He has signed several LGBTQ-friendly bills into law, including the Inclusive Curriculum Act, a bill that requires single-person public bathrooms to be gender-neutral, a law that protects LGBTQ Illinoisans from discrimination in jury service, and a law that allows for gender-neutral markers on state driver’s licenses.

He’s also signed bills for a $15/hr state minimum wage, the Reproductive Health Act that guarantees abortion access as a right in the state, legalized recreational cannabis and equity focused healthcare along with many others.



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