Lisle parochial school reinstates job offer to gay teacher

A rainbow shows over a protest supporting a teacher who had her job offer rescinded over her same-sex marriage. by Benet Academy. Photo courtesy of Colleen Savell.

A parochial school in Lisle has reinstated a job offer to a lesbian lacrosse coach after an uproar from the community.

Amanda Kammes received and accepted a job offer from Benet Academy as their new girls lacrosse coach on Monday night after a board meeting.

The decision came after students and community members protested the schools withdrawal of a job offer over the weekend. The Arlington Heights Daily Herald reported that Benet Academy took back a job offer to Amanda Kammes after she listed her wife as an emergency contact.

A protest of the decision was held on Monday morning outside the school.

According to the newspaper, the school had issued a statement saying they ” employ individuals whose lives manifest the essential teachings of the Church in order to provide the education and faith formation of the young people entrusted to our care.”

Opposition to the decision grew over the weekend with more than 2,100 Benet alumni, parents and students signing an online letter condemning it and addressed to members of the school’s leadership.

According to the Herald, Kammes has been involved in lacrosse for a decade at both the high school at college levels. She is also a Benet alum.

Benet made the announcement of the reinstatement in a statement on Tuesday.

“The Catholic school had previously deffered its employment discussion with Ms. Kammes upon learning that she is in a same-sex marriage. The school’s Board determined that Ms. Kammes’ background and experience made the right candidate for the position.”

Colleen Savell, the assistant girls lacrosse coach and a friend of Kammes, has been among the leaders of the outcry over the withdrawal. She said she was “absolutely ecstatic” about the decision.