Teacher including LGBTQ, BLM in class sparks investigation at Glen Ellyn


Glen Ellyn School District 41 started an investigation after a teacher including LGBTQ people and Black Lives Matter got got complaints on social media.

According to NBC Chicago, several TikTok videos, posted in a Twitter thread, highlighted lessons she taught about the LGBTQ community and the Black Lives Matter movement. After complaints, the school board investigated.

During the school board meeting on Monday, Sept. 20, District 41 school board president Dr. Robert Bruno said that the investigation had resolved the matter. Bruno didn’t state during the meeting what the resolution was.

The district’s spokesperson, Erika Krehbiel said the issue is closed and she is teaching.

Bruno also said the district would continue to support inclusion. “Let me also, on behalf of the entire school board, be very clear: The district and board’s commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion is unconditional,” he said.”

Many of the community members who spoke during public comment about the the lessons expressed support for the teacher and the to topics.

One parent, Maggie Camparisi, called out the board for not immediately supporting the teacher and her lesson plans. “Anything but defending the passionate educator in question is a message exclusively of discrimination and outright homophobia,” she said.

Another parent, Jennifer Heward, quoted the Open Society Foundation on inclusive education and state law about inclusion of marginalized communities in in lessons at all schools that receive public money.

“In inclusion, one does not get to pick or choose who is included.,” Heward said. “We do not get to pick the narrative that is told or exemplified because we do not like or agree with the alternative.”



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