Macoupin County high school student in juvenile detention over Pride flag assault


A high school student from Macoupin County is currently in juvenile detention for allegedly attacking another student over an LGBTQ Pride flag.

According to the Jacksonville Journal Courier, the assault happened Thursday, Sept. 30, at Southwestern High School during what was meant to be a flag-themed day. A 17-year-old student was told by another student to get rid of the Pride flag. As he asked why, another student apparently ran up and started punching him in the head while trying to remove the flag by force.

State’s Attorney Jordan Garrison confirmed the event to the newspaper and said the accused assailant was charged with aggravated battery. There was no mention of hate crime charges.

Social media posts from students obtained by the newspaper talked about the incident. One student posted, “You wear a gay Pride flag to school and you don’t expect people to do anything? You go to Southern (sic) High, where we support the Confederate flag and you wonder why you get beat up?”

Another said not to wear a Pride flag to a rural school “if you don’t want his ass beat.”

The school district would only confirm there was an assault, the Journal Courier reported. The newspaper was not able to confirm the extent of the attacked student’s injuries.



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