Chicago updates plumbing code to allow all-gender restrooms in businesses


The Chicago City Council on Thursday passed an ordinance that allows businesses and building owners to adopt all-gender multiple-occupancy restrooms if they want.

Ordinance 2021-4134, which passed the Chicago City Council Thursday, makes several changes to the Chicago plumbing code, including implementing the state’s 2019 law for all-gender single-occupancy restrooms.

The Community Restroom Access Project (CRAP) applauded the news.

“We are extremely pleased that this ordinance was proposed by Mayor Lightfoot and has successfully passed the Chicago City Council,” said Phoenix Matthews, CRAP co-founder and professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. “It is very powerful to see what a small but determined group of stakeholders can help to accomplish. Now, we will renew our focus on passage of statewide legislation so all businesses in Illinois can best support their customers just like businesses in Chicago will soon have the option to do.”

The organization was founded in 2015 to advocate for restroom access for non-binary and transgender people. It’s a working group of Pride Action Tank and has individuals and organizations as members, including AIDS Foundation Chicago and Equality Illinois.

CRAP has also been working on getting similar legislation on a statewide basis. Sponsored by State Rep. Katie Stuart (D-Edwardsville) and State Sen. Melinda Bush (D-Grayslake), House Bill 3195 passed the Illinois House in April and is pending in the Illinois Senate.



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