State senator calls for DCFS to better help LGBTQ youth


State Senator Julie Morrison (D-Lake Forest) called for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services to help LGBTQ during a subject matter hearing on Tuesday, Oct. 26.

“There are estimates that 30% of our youth in care at DCFS identify as LGBTQ, yet there seems to be a discrepancy between that number and the numbers DCFS provided,” Morrison said. “We must ensure LGBTQ youth in care are getting the proper support they need to have successful futures.” 

An audit from the Illinois Auditor General’s office in February found that DCFS is failing LGBTQ children in their care. The department said in June that they would be improving training to support LGBTQ youth.

Morrison said she hopes Tuesday’s hearing will open the doors for LGBTQ youth in care to have the same opportunities as other children. She believes this starts with a clinically appropriate screening process to understand each child’s individual needs.



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