Iowa’s Cornhaulers leather club votes to disband


The Cornhaulers Leather/Levi Club voted this month to disband, ending 45 years of existence.

The Des Moines-based club is the largest and oldest leather club in the state and one of the oldest in the country. They made the announcement in a letter posted on their Facebook on Monday, Oct. 11.

In the letter, the club said they had “reached the time where this torch must be carried on by those who are next to lead.” In its 45 years, the group had helped with the founding of Capital City Pride, Iowa Leather Weekend and the All-Iowa AIDS Benefit.

All official business will be completed by Dec. 31, with the club presenting their colors for the last time at the Community AIDS Assistance Program on Nov. 20 in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Key pieces of the clubs history will be sent to the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago.



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