GLSEN condemns Texas anti-transgender sports ban


GLSEN, a national organization that advocates for LGBTQ people in education, condemned the signing of a Texas law that bars transgender students from playing on teams aligned with their gender identity.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed the law, HB 25, on Monday, Oct. 25. Under HB 25, trans students will only be permitted to compete on sports teams that correspond to the gender listed on their birth certificate that was assigned at or near the time of birth.

“Opponents of LGBTQ+ equality are using our transgender youth as part of their politically-motivated assault on the equal rights of transgender people,” said GLSEN Interim Executive Director Melanie Willingham-Jaggers. “GLSEN strongly condemns Governor Abbott for signing HB 25 into law and we will continue to devote our support and resources to the transgender young people in Texas and across the country who are leading the fight against these kinds of cruel political attacks.”

According to GLSEN’s 2019 National School Climate Survey, more than 80 percent of transgender students experience gender-based bullying and victimization at school and more than 40 percent missed school in the last month because they felt unsafe.

Willingham-Jaggers called for federal transgender student protections such as the Safe Schools Improvement Act.



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