Anti-trans vandalism hits restrooms at SIUE


Period product machines at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville men’s rooms were vandalized this week.

Student newspaper The Alestle were the first to report the vandalism this week. A new law this year required state colleges and universities to offer menstrual products in all restrooms for free. According to The Alestle, SIUE installed the vending machines in all restrooms last month.

Facilities Management Director Craig Holan told the newspaper that the vandalism was most notable in the Morris University Center and Peck Hall.

“First in the MUC, who were the first folks to get that installed. And then we have had it at a couple of other locations, notably in Peck Hall, three of the four men’s rooms have had their baskets taken and thrown in the trash,” Holan said.

SIUE is looking at other ways for the product to be distributed while preventing more vandalism.

This was the latest anti-LGBTQ incident both in Belleville and in Southern Illinois. The Alestle reported that anti-trans stickers were posted around campus earlier in October. High school students in Belleville stayed home after threats using an anti-gay slur were made, an “anti-queer association” survey circulated at Anna-Jonesboro High School a couple of weeks ago and signs promoting a Pride Prom were ripped down in Harrisburg and Carmi.

State Rep. Katie Stuart (D-Collinsville) blasted the vandalism in a Twitter thread after the incident hit social media.

People who see vandalism are asked to submit a Bias Incident Report to the university.



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