Nearly a quarter of vaccinated adults received COVID-19 booster shot in November

Graphic courtesy of KFF

Nearly a quarter (23%) of fully vaccinated adults have already received a COVID-19 booster shot, more than double the share who had done so in October (10%), the latest KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor report revealed on Thursday.

Most other vaccinated adults say they definitely (37%) or probably (19%) will get a booster shot as recommended, while about a fifth say they will probably (10%) or definitely (8%) not do so.

The survey was fielded from Nov. 8-22 during a period when booster shots were regularly in the news. On Nov. 19, federal authorities made all vaccinated adults eligible for boosters. After the field period, on Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued guidance encouraging all vaccinated adults to get boosters. News also broke last week after the field period about the new omicron variant.

The report shows that more than half, but not all, fully vaccinated adults across racial and ethnic groups, ages, and political identification either have or likely will get a booster once eligible six months after their initial vaccination. If everyone who expects to get a booster shot at this point follows through, 53% of all adults would receive a booster. Guidance issued Monday from CDC encouraging all vaccinated adults to get a booster shot and the threat posed by the omicron variant may increase the share of the public eager to get booster shots beyond these levels.

About a third (33%) of fully vaccinated older adults (ages 50 and up), representing a quarter (25%) of all adults in that age range, say they already received a booster shot, including similar shares of older White, Black and Hispanic adults. People in this age group were among the first groups eligible and encouraged to get booster shots.

Among partisans, a larger share of vaccinated Democrats say they received a booster (32%) compared to independents (21%) and Republicans (18%), reflecting Democrats’ broader enthusiasm for vaccinations. Nearly one-third of vaccinated Republicans say they definitely or probably won’t get a booster (31%).